Russian Language Centre

Rus / Fr

Russian Language Centre

at Ivanovo State Power Engineering University (ISPEU) invites you to attend Russian Summer School, 2012


We are offering the following programs:

1.    Conversational Russian for Speakers of Other Languages

The course is developed for beginners of Russian, who would like to advance their level of Russian proficiency. The course will help you to improve your speaking skills. It is a first-hand opportunity to communicate in Russian, learn about the modern Russian language during grammar and conversation classes. Emersion into the Russian speaking environment is the main principle of the course.

2.    Russian Club “Summer in Ivanovo” for International Students, Who Study at Universities of Russia and Abroad

This course is aiming at the international students, who are staying in Russia during the summer break. The course is a great chance for you to experience a special approach to active vacations.  Members of the club will be offered various entertainment programs (excursions, hikes, walks in the city) and lessons of Russian in informal settings.

3.    Russian in International Tourist Business fits best for those, who work in tourist business abroad and need to use Russian in business communication. In this course, you will also improve your conversational Russian and learn about Russian culture and traditions.

4.    Russian Correction Course for Residents of Russia’s Neighboring States (countries of CIS)

The course is developed for people who use Russian as a second language, reside in Russia and look for opportunities to advance their level of Russian proficiency. The course will help you to develop speaking and writing skills. Moreover, you will learn how to write business documents, carry out business correspondence, and apply grammar, spelling, and punctuation rules in writing.



Russian Language Center

Ivanovo State Power Engineering University

Rabfakovskaya str., 34; Building B; Office 321

Ivanovo, Russia

Bus-stop for public transport in Ivanovo “Energouniversitet”


70 academic hours. Course duration – 14 days. 7 classes a day.

Each class lasts for 45 minutes.


Classes will be held every day from Monday to Friday

from 9:30 a.m. to 12:40 p.m. and from 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Saturday and Sunday are the days for out-of-classroom activities

Beginning and end of the courses:

-      July, 15 – July 28, 2012

-      August, 12 – August, 25, 2012

-      We also invite you to visit Russian Language Centre in the end of January or early February, 2013

Course Fee

-      Depending on the chosen course

Course objectives:

-      Advancement of conversational Russian (including Russian for professional purposes);

-      Advancement of Russian language proficiency for business purposes and everyday communication;

-      Introduction to the culture and traditions of Russia.    

Who can apply:

Any foreign citizens can apply. Groups of students will be formed in accordance with the levels of their Russian language proficiency. To estimate your current proficiency level, we will use your Application Form Rus / Eng / Fr.

Number of students per group:

Minimal number of students per group is 7 persons.

Maximal number of students per group is 15 people.


At the end of each course, all students will take a final test.


By the end of each course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion issued by Ivanovo State Power Engineering University.


·        Students of the courses will be supplied with all course materials. Audio, video materials and various software applications will also be available at ISPEU.

·        A special feature of every course is an active use of slides, films, and video presentations created by ISPEU faculty and students on various aspects of the history and culture of Russia.

How to apply:

-         You need to fill out the Application Form Rus / Eng / Fr and send it with a copy of the first page of your passport with the date of your birth to no later than two months prior to the beginning of the course.  Your passport must be valid for at least 1.5 years after the date of your entrance to the Russian Federation.

-         After we receive the above mentioned documents from you, we will email you a copy of Invitation. Upon receiving the copy of your official Invitation, you must provide it to the Consulate of the Russian Federation in your country and apply for a student visa. If necessary, we can send you the original of the Invitation.

-         You must have 3 copies of your photograph (3x4 cm.).

-         When your student visa is issued, you must confirm your intention to attend our course by email

-         One or two weeks before your arrival to Russia, you must notify us by email  about the date, place, and time of your arrival. You must provide us with your arrival information, for example the name of the airport and airline, or the train number and the city it arrives to. We will be able to meet you in an airport or at a train station only if we know your arrival information in advance.


*IMPORTANT INFORMATION: You must register in the Department of the Federal Migration Service during your first three days of staying in the Russian Federation.

Contact information:

Antipova Natalya Borissovna 

coordinator of Russian Language Centre

Ivanovo State Power Engineering University


Phone (office)/ fax: 8 (4932) 412-670, 269-864

Educational program:

All courses contain classes in Russian phonetics, grammar and conversation, lectures on culture studies of Russia, and practical trainings in the museums of the city.

Program of the out-of-classroom activities (not included into the course fee):

·     Tours to the cities of the Golden Ring of Russia (tentative cost - from 600 to 1000 roubles). Visits to Suzdal, Vladimir, Plios, Palekh, etc.;

·     1-2 day trip to Moscow;

·     Visits to museums and exhibits in Ivanovo;

·     Entertaining program in ISPEU (musical show);


*The suggested program is tentative and can be altered or changed upon your request.

Housing and dining:

·     ISPEU dormitories;

·     hotels in Ivanovo;

·     ISPEU cafeteria;

·     cafes and restaurants in Ivanovo.

Additional services (not included into the course fee):

·     Medical insurance for a non-resident of Russian Federation (780 roubles)

·     We can meet you at an airport in Moscow:

-          by car (3 persons; 1000 roubles per person);

-          by van/ mini bus (12 persons; 600 roubles per person).

·     We can meet you at the railway station in Ivanovo:

-          by taxi (120 roubles);

-          by van/mini bus (up to 15 persons, 300 roubles per person).

·     When the Course is over, we can take you to an airport in Moscow or the railway station in Ivanovo.


*The prices provided here are relevant for March, 2011.